Some children fidget, daydream, start a thousand projects at once and hardly ever finish one. Children with attention deficit order, with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), often have a troubled educational journey.

During the school year, many parents will accept that their children take medication to improve their attention to the task and to reduce their hyperactivity

Other parents will be uneasy at giving this medication to their children. There will be children who will have some side effects or for whom the medication will not have the desired effect.

The school can offer a new alternative : let the child with ADHD be more active in class without disrupting the other students. This new concept is only possible with the use of the Bike-Desk.


The impulsive child has a great need to move. With a Bike-Desk, this child will be able to be active in class without disturbing his peers. The impulsive adult has a “short fuse” as they say in English Canada. The use of the Bike-Desk by an adult would allow for better decision making at the professional and personal level.



The anxious child or adult will lower his or her anxiety by exercising more. Exercise releases endorphins that contribute to relaxation. It has been shown that physical activity improves the mood and gives a sense of calm. Therefore, the child using the Bike-Desk might have better results during an examination



The daydreaming child also has difficulty concentrating. He or she has trouble with homework in the evening and is disorganized. As for adults, we note that they have difficulty managing their time, they forget their commitments or are late for their appointments. They have trouble with the paperwork and administration. They feel overwhelmed by long projects. Whether young or old, the Bike-Desk could help to maintain a better focus to the task and could help finish what they have started.